Who we are
At Project Wing we’re building automated aircraft and a commerce platform to move anything from where it is to where it’s needed, as safely and efficiently as possible.

We are researchers, developers, business strategists and hands-on engineers.
You might see us out on the airfield trying to break our automated aircraft or in the lab performing a quality inspection of a sensor. Our teams are pushing boundaries in every aspect of aviation technology.
Photo: Adam connects a wiring harness on an automated aircraft prototype.
Photo: Siggy and Scott perform a quality inspection of a propeller post flight.
Photo: Parsa reviews circuit board and chip design.
Photo: Jacob inspects a sensor for the wing of the automated aircraft.
Photo: Martin demonstrates an avionics assembly to Alex.
Photo: Aditya and Richard discuss an engineering equation.
Join us
We’re looking for curious individuals who are highly motivated by unsolved problems. Are you a self-taught tinkerer? Do you have a PhD in guidance, navigation and control? Did you have a childhood dream of becoming a pilot, architect or entrepreneur?
We come from diverse backgrounds but share a passion for big ideas. Interested? We hope you’ll apply to one of our open roles.