Raj B. Apte
Dr. Raj B. Apte is Principal Engineer for new projects, responsible for identifying and developing early stage moonshots. He initiated and led project Malta, a breakthrough pumped thermal energy storage solution that will enable greater use of wind and solar energy, a pollution- and carbon-free grid. Prior to joining X in 2015, Raj managed a research team and clean room at Xerox PARC, where he worked on polysilicon circuitry for ultrasonic and x-ray imaging, the internet of things, novel MEMs displays, electronic paper, organic and printed transistors, and amorphous-silicon x-ray cameras. Five start-up companies have licensed his inventions, and he has played a significant role in bringing five new technologies to market: thermal energy storage, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner (in the S10), printed organic electronics, digital x-ray sensors, and micromachined diffractive displays.

Raj holds MS and PhD degrees from Stanford University and BS with Distinction from UC Berkeley, all in Electrical Engineering. He has 75 publications and 64 issued patents.

Raj also likes to make things. He has built a wood-fired pizza oven, a cross-flow smoker, a RIMS brewery, an espresso machine and grinder, and a sinew-backed recurve bow. He restored Ward''s Ginger Beer Plant to the wild. Raj has served New Belgium Brewing, Sandia National Lab, and Thin Film Electronics in advisory roles.'