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Obi Felten

Head of Getting Moonshots Ready for Contact with the Real World
Obi is responsible for getting early stage X projects out of the lab and into the real world – or ensuring they fail fast. Previously she was Director of Consumer Marketing for Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Before Google, she launched the ecommerce business of a major UK retailer, worked as a strategy consultant, and led's (unsuccessful) expansion to Germany during the first dotcom era. Along with her work at X, Obi is a startup mentor and angel investor, with a focus on women entrepreneurs. She set up Campus, a Google-funded space for London tech entrepreneurs. She is on the board of Springer Nature, a global academic and educational publisher, and on the board of Picasso Labs, an image analytics startup. She is also on the board of Shift, a charity designing products to address social problems such as youth mental health. Obi has a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Oxford University. She grew up in Berlin and saw the wall come down.