Jacques Gagne
Senior Technical Director
Jacques oversees a number of engineering teams across X. An entrepreneur from a young age, Jacques started his first small businesses to pay for his masters program. His first design firm, "Jacques's Design" took on a 2-week contract with Frog Design that ended up lasting 6 years. In 1998, Jacques incorporated and started his own consultancy, Gecko Design, which he owned and operated for more 20 years, working with major manufacturers such as Intel, HP, Dell, Sonos and Jawbone. It’s more than likely that you’ll have used something Gecko-designed sometime in the last twenty years. Gecko joined X in 2014 to bring their years of product design and manufacturing expertise to the moonshot factory. Jacques was born and raised in Quebec and graduated from Université De Sherbrooke with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and later a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech.