Eugenie Rives
Eugenie leads several early projects at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory where uncomfortably ambitious, world-changing ideas are developed and taken out into the world. These early stage moonshot teams are exploring radical new ways to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using breakthrough technology. Prior to her work on early stage moonshots Eugenie led a robotics moonshot in logistics. Eugenie is passionate about bringing more diversity to the tech industry and co-leads the “Women@X” group – a community of women who aspire to improve women's representation and bolster their success and opportunities at X.

Before joining X, Eugenie led Operations for Google in France and Sub-Saharan Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Francophone Africa). Before Google, Eugenie worked for Alcatel in Mexico city, managing projects to connect cities and public infrastructure online.

Eugenie grew up in Paris, and has a degree in applied mathematics, a Master in Business and Management, and graduated from Singularity University in 2010. She lives in San Francisco with her 2 Franco-English-American kids (Shan 6 years, Alma 4 years). Eugenie balances the fast pace of technology leadership by practicing meditation and yoga.