What is Makani?

Makani is working to make clean energy accessible for everyone. We’re developing energy kites, a new type of wind turbine that can access stronger and steadier winds at higher altitudes to generate more energy with less materials.

The Makani team looking out on their latest iteration of the ground station.

How does the Makani energy kite work?

Conventional turbines are built with a huge amount of steel and concrete and fiberglass, because they have to span a very large space to capture wind. But it’s really only the outer part of the turbine blade that generates the majority of the power. So when we build an energy kite, we replace everything else in the system with a tether and smart controls. As the kite rides the wind, air moves across rotors on the kite which drive a generator to produce electricity. Power travels from the kite down the tether to the ground station which transmits power from the energy kite to the grid.