More wind at lower cost

By using a strong flexible tether, energy kites can reach higher altitudes (80-350 meters) and eliminate 90% of the materials of conventional wind turbines, resulting in lower costs. Because they are more aerodynamic and can access stronger winds, each individual energy kite can generate up to 50% more energy.

More power at more wind speeds

Makani’s energy kites are more aerodynamically effective than conventional turbines, allowing them to produce more power at any given wind speed.

Lower installation and maintenance costs

Makani simplifies equipment transportation and system startup time, resulting in lower costs.

More wind in more places

The wind moves faster and offers exponentially greater power at higher altitudes. Makani’s energy kites can reach these stronger winds and be sited in more locations. When the wind speed doubles, the amount of available power increases eightfold. As a result, Makani can bring electricity to locations where access to energy is limited, providing more power without the significant costs of building a tower to get up high in the sky.

Wind speeds (m/s)