Helping out in Peru

Connectivity in flood zones

Smarter Navigation

14 weeks over Peru

Autolauncher Overseas

Launching from Puerto Rico.


Laser-Beams Between Balloons

Golden Balloon Awards 2015

Project records for 2015.

Loon Balloon Archives

Project Loon balloon designs through the ages


Testing Internet Balloons in a Huge Freezer


Google Details New Project Loon Tech

Navigating over 20,000 km

Long Distance LTE flight tests.

MIT Technology Review

Breakthrough Technologies.

Golden Balloon Awards 2014

Project records for 2014.

Flight Record

Project Loon balloon sets 187 day flight record.


Balloon Internet Experiment, One Year Later

From Wifi to LTE

First LTE connection Agua Fria, Brazil.

500,000 km traveled

Southern Hemisphere test flights.

New Zealand Test

First user connects to balloon-powered Internet.