Graduated projects

We don’t expect projects to stay in X forever, nor do we want them to. And just as there’s no set formula to solve the challenges facing each team, there is no set graduation path. Graduating from X can lead to being incorporated into a standalone business, folding into another Alphabet company, or even being acquired. Having this flexibility allows us to determine what’s best for each project so it can succeed in the real world.

Graduated 2018

  • Chronicle

    Chronicle is developing a cybersecurity intelligence and analytics platform to help enterprises better manage and understand their own security-related data. After two years at X, Chronicle graduated to become a new independent business within Alphabet that’s dedicated to helping companies find and stop cyber attacks before they cause harm.

Graduated 2017

  • Dandelion

    Dandelion developed precision drilling technology that makes it easier and more affordable to heat and cool homes with a clean, abundant, renewable resource: geothermal energy. The project is now an independent company outside of Alphabet, offering geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners.

Graduated 2016

  • Waymo

    The self-driving car project started in 2009 to develop technology that could make our roads safer and improve mobility for everyone. In October 2015, the team completed the world’s first fully self-driving trip on public roads in a car without a steering wheel, pedals or test driver. The project graduated from X and is now Waymo, an independent Alphabet company.

Graduated 2015

  • Verily

    Google[x] Life Sciences was created to help shift healthcare from reactive to proactive through initiatives such as the Smart Contact Lens, the Baseline Project, and Nanodiagnostics. The project is now Verily, a separate company within Alphabet.

  • Glass

    Glass Explorer Edition became a part of Google's hardware group, and the Enterprise Edition is now at X. Learn more about how Glass can work for businesses.

  • Gcam

    Gcam improved mobile photography using techniques from computational photography. The project is now a part of Google Research.

Graduated 2013

  • Google Watch

    Google Watch created technologies that were critical to the development of what is now Android Wear. The project is now a part of Android.

Graduated 2012

  • Project Insight

    Project Insight’s mission was to provide navigation to locations of interest in public indoor spaces. The project is now a part of Google Maps.

  • Google Brain

    Google Brain enables revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and allows computers to understand images, audio, and text inspired by some of what we know about the human brain. The project is now a part of the Research team at Google.

  • Flux

    Flux was created to meet the world’s demand for high-quality, sustainable buildings by providing a big-data-powered building platform to improve how buildings are designed, built, and maintained. The project is now an independent company.

  • Project Tango

    Project Tango combined advanced computer vision, image processing and vision sensors to allow mobile devices to "know" where they are and how they move through space. The project became part of Daydream, Google's Virtual Reality team. While Tango is now no longer supported, Google is continuing AR development with a new platform, ARCore.