Glass Partners
Build a custom end-to-end solution that fits your exact business needs. Glass Partners offer Glass devices, specialized software solutions and ongoing support for you and your workforce.
San Francisco, CA
Augmedix is a documentation automation platform powered by human experts and software that frees physicians from computer work and allows them to focus on what matters most: patient care. Augmedix serves 12 of the nation's leading health systems across most clinic-based specialties with an average physician productivity increase of 30%.
La Jolla, CA
Aira delivers a unique assistive solution to radically improve independence for blind and low vision people. Utilizing video streamed via a user’s Glass to A.I.-powered dashboards, remote-located Aira Agents deliver real-time narrative serving as a set of eyes at a fraction the cost of co-located, sighted human assistants.
Ann Arbor, MI
EyeSucceed brings together the power of augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges such as high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution.
Indianapolis, IN
Access to quality healthcare in remote and rural settings is now a reality! Hodei Technology’s unique hands-free HIPAA-compliant telepresence solutions allow medical experts to provide real-time remote oversight and task direction from/to anywhere around the globe through the integration of their first-person POV™ technology, featuring Glass Enterprise Edition.
Herzogenrath, Germany
Picavi GmbH is an awarded and well-recognized full-service provider with a 100% dedication of its intralogistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions. A strict visual guidance through the complete process enables workers to maximize their productivity and minimize errors while working hands-free. Picavi is already being used by numerous logistics experts from a variety of sectors.
Ghent, Belgium; San Francisco, CA
Proceedix is a Software-as-a-Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspections in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile. With Proceedix, operators can execute work instructions and inspection work flows on a PC, smartphone, tablet and on smart eyewear like Glass.
Murcia, Spain; Hong Kong
We are specialists in Smart Glasses Solutions by creating, designing, integrating and marketing real-world state-of-the-art solutions for companies and institutions worldwide, in order to boost their productivity and performance from the data generated by the See-What-I-See and the human body.
Bremen, Germany; Atlanta, GA
Ubimax is the global Market Leader for Enterprise Wearables and Assisted Reality Solutions. Ubimax Frontline is the world’s first fully integrated Productivity Solutions Suite for frontline workers. It provides hands-free solutions for Logistics, Manufacturing, Field Service, and Remote Support. Ubimax solutions are used by 10% of Fortune Global 500 companies.
Washington DC; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA
Upskill is the market leader in enterprise software for augmented reality devices in industrial settings. Trusted by the world's greatest companies, such as General Electric, Boeing, and The Coca-Cola Company, our platform, Skylight, enhances the capabilities of hands-on workers to measurably and immediately improve business operations and job performance from the factory to the warehouse to field service locations.
Elk Grove Village, Chicago, Illinois
Wizzan creates assisted reality solutions for Glass that focus on improving business outcomes for the hands-on workforce. Field service, warehouse, assembly and other hands-on workers benefit from our voice-activated and hands-free workflows that improve efficiency, reduce errors, promote standardized processes, facilitate better communication and increase safety.
Lexington, MA; Netherlands
swyMed is a provider of exceptional-quality video telemedicine solutions that expand virtual care to places where it was previously unavailable, even at the lowest bandwidths. The company’s patented technology offerings, including the DOT Telemedicine Backpack, give care teams the ability to reliably connect to doctors for real-time telemedicine, anytime, anywhere.
San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA
Brain Power is your platform for monitoring and enhancing brain and mind wellbeing. Neuroscience-based assisted-reality tools on Glass for: autism; traumatic brain injury; supporting your clinical trials; remote job coaching; job training; eldercare. We provide engaging, gamified systems, and build customized solutions.
Cambridge, MA
AMA creates collaborative end-to-end solutions that allow problems to be solved across any distance. No matter the industry, people learn faster, learn more because collaboration engages participants. Xpert Eye provides real time collaboration tools, increasing overall efficiency. For assistance, support, and training to both remote and field users because teaching moments happen both ways.
Australia, New Zealand, and California
Dialog Information Technology’s Google Solutions Practice is a Glass for Enterprise Partner, developing and deploying Glass for Enterprise wearable technology. The Glass team at Dialog build custom applications for the medical, utilities, logistics, aerospace and defense sectors. Dialog also specialises in integrations with Google’s Cloud platform and Machine Learning APIs.
Palo Alto, CA
VMware AirWatch® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform provides a simple yet robust solution to manage and support augmented and mixed reality applications on both Android- and Windows-based wearables. Manage wearable devices alongside existing mobile and laptop deployments, from a single console, with low-touch enrollment and configuration, simplified application deployment, and end-to-end security.
Pembroke Pines, FL
"Minimizing Human Error with Wearable and Mobile Technology” ICɅRUS Ops™ is a world leader in mission-critical operations software. We provide a complete solution: wearable technology software, online tools and consulting to aid mission-critical teams achieve precise, error-free operations. We have the experience to deliver your multi-platform operationally focused Glass solution.
USA; Australia
Chironix provides a leading platform to solve problems collaboratively regardless of distance. Our solution enables your workforce to enhance their efficiency through voice activated workflows to facilitate task completion, integrate with business intelligence systems, and achieve real-time task oversight and communication - allowing workers in the field to leverage your back office expertise.
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